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(I may or may not be whistling the entire soundtrack to 'White Christmas' and 'Holiday Inn' as I type)

God, I love snow!


Seriously, what other nation IN THE WORLD effectively shuts down until things un-freeze? Everyone else recognizes that yes, snow is cold, yes it makes driving slightly more interesting but as long as you have proper winter tyres and don't drive like the recently lobotomized, it isn't actually the end of the world.

But it does mean that I now have a valid reason to wear my jingle bell socks and hibernate under my duvet inbetween lobbing snowballs at unfortunate passers-by (read: my family).

Merry Christmas, folks.

'Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, since we've no place to go-o, let it snow, let it snow. let it snow...'
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Never use No. 7 eyeliner as body paint.

I will be blue in places for weeks.
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A kick-ass Virginia Judge has just ordered that bass-ackward, homophobic and neanderthal DADT rule and the enforcement therefore of to cease immediately .

Kinda makes you believe that maybe humanity as a collective isn't totally screwed.

Legislation! Dismissed! )

I may send flowers.
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Let me start by saying: I BLAME BOOSETTE.

She 's mentioned Etsy on her posts acouple of times, and I do love to keep up to date on her StarDoll collection, and therefore, this is all her fault.

I have just discovered hand-painted Converse All-Stars. HARRY POTTER HAND-PAINTED CONVERSE ALL-STARS.

And they are EPIC.

And now I'm going to calmy walk away (read: frantically dash away and buy from teh awesomesauce of it all).

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My Dad has Facebook. Apparently he's had it for quite a while.

My father, the man who is so very technophobic I'm always amazed when he doesn't hiss at the computer and make the sign of the cross when it boots up HAS. FACEBOOK.

Never did I think I'd see the day when my father was more up-to-date with technology than I was.

I'm also not sure whether to be shocked or faintly embarrassed.
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After reading Tammy's lulzy post on Butch Bakery (the cut is evading me, so you'll have to find it yourselves with this link http://swingandswirl.livejournal.com/133997.html?view=1285741)

I was scrolling through the other comments, and I stumbled across this gem: http://manteas.com/

I am stone-cold serious.

An online tea site especially for men. Because heaven forbid you drank girly tea!
Your delicate sexualities might just snap! and suddenly you might find you hair in ringlets, drinking Lady Grey with your pinky finger sticking out, whilst sitting side-saddle on a pink unicorn under a rainbow, with little faires flitting about to choral music.

There is a serious problem with society if this kind of thing is perceived as okay, just as shoving pink down girls throats from birth is equally damaging. Seperating the sexes into these sect-like constraints just because it has become a societal norm is not okay!
Young children should not be forced into these groupings, they should be free to explore whilst they are unbiased and young. Boys should be free to play with Barbie dolls if they want and not be frowned upon, just like girls should be free to choose whether they want a My Little Pony or a tank with an Action Man in full jungle get-up (God knows I did).

For your amusement, and quite possibly vexation, here is a quote from their site;

no thanks, @manteas, the men in my life take sugar and sometimes milk, but not homophobic marketing. #nicetrybutno

For the record, I personally think gay dudes are great. They leave more chicks for the rest of us.

Oh my god. I'm choking on my surprised laughter here. The balls!

I could actually castrate him, just for the sheer nerve of him!  And what he's saying doesn't even directly affect me!

It's hilarious!

But on a more serious note; How can we expect people to change their attitudes if this kind of douche is still tooling about on the web, spewing forth his misguided, misogynistic bile?

Sorry for ranting.

( Just as I finished this, I came across this page: http://www.stormfront.org/forum/archive/index.php/t-33485/t-270178.html. I actually feel sick. And disgusted to such a level I need a shower.)


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