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Aresenal is playing Barcelona. This is a mistake.

I have just been informed by the oh-so-sage commetators that '(football) is a hard game to play without the ball'.

No shit.

Also, not one of the players on the pitch looks old enought to walk into a bar and legitimately order a beer.

(Haggis for tea. IDK.)
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What's with the arriving to the fandom party to find you're so late the balloons have deflated? What the hell, self? I know you have punctuality issues, but seriously. This is getting ridiculous.

No love,
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...Bloody Ewan McGregor.

Making me like Star Wars *grumble*. As if I didn't have enough geekery as it is, ohhhhh nooooooo, he had to go and make me investigate more!

Obi-Wan/ Padme, anyone?

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Granger Enchanted has stolen my BRAIN. It's currently ten past four in the morning, I have to be up in four hours and I'm still reading fanfiction.

Masochistic much, self?

Also? Sharing room with The Sister means putting my laptop under the covers.

I'm pretty sure I'm actually melting for real, in a sort of 'Nooooooo, I'm melllll-ting!' way.
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There has been tears, laughter, and not an inconsiderable amount of confusion. I've missed a huge amount of it, but it was still splendid. And as of 12:30pm today, I have left Secondary Education.

Holy shit.
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First exam done. Went splendidly, apart from serious cramp in my hand, I was fabulous, of course (:D), mt hair behaved itself and I got a chocolatey marzipan bar. And I did ALL of this before lunch!

Exsqueese me while I fall over backwards.
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My Dad has Facebook. Apparently he's had it for quite a while.

My father, the man who is so very technophobic I'm always amazed when he doesn't hiss at the computer and make the sign of the cross when it boots up HAS. FACEBOOK.

Never did I think I'd see the day when my father was more up-to-date with technology than I was.

I'm also not sure whether to be shocked or faintly embarrassed.


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