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Were it not for the fact that I'vee been awake for most of the last 48 hours, I would be willing to bet heavily that someone had taken a 2x4 to my skull.
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...I am not a therapist.

Solve your own damn problems.


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Never use No. 7 eyeliner as body paint.

I will be blue in places for weeks.
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Yesterday was Sweetheart's birthday.

You'll never guess where I spent it.

In The Royal Surrey with frigging appendicitis. That turned out to be a rumbling appendix.

So Sweetheart is now back at home full to her eyeteeth with opioid pain relief and hating trousers.

Bloody September.
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A.K.A Sweetheart's trip to the sun-drenched vistas of the Costa del Clyde.

Chuck got wet, it pissed down, Sweetheart learned some curious new words which she'll endeavor to use in everyday language I ate a ton of macarroon and, the highlight of the insanity stakes, the creme de la creme of my trip; the kindly old guard at the gate of Scone Palace tried to set me up with the Master of Stormont.

I think that qualifies as a successful trip :D
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Instead of doing her coursework, which, by the by, is now soooo past being late it isn't even remotely funny, Sweetheart discovered a love of old black-and-white Cary Grant movies, along with a maybe-not-so-healthy-given-as-how-he's-dead-an'-all-and-even-if-he-were-alive-he'd-be-a-hundred-and-four affection for the actor himself.

So, naturally, she has spent the last week cultivating said obsession interest with much much more enthusiasm than she has ever shown her poor, neglected coursework.

Damnation, Cary Grant! A curse upon you and your dimpled chin! Darn you and your captivating voice!
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Swetheart has finally learnt her lesson on cutting with knives and finger placement, and a rather painful lesson at that.


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