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Granger Enchanted has stolen my BRAIN. It's currently ten past four in the morning, I have to be up in four hours and I'm still reading fanfiction.

Masochistic much, self?

Also? Sharing room with The Sister means putting my laptop under the covers.

I'm pretty sure I'm actually melting for real, in a sort of 'Nooooooo, I'm melllll-ting!' way.
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Instead of doing her coursework, which, by the by, is now soooo past being late it isn't even remotely funny, Sweetheart discovered a love of old black-and-white Cary Grant movies, along with a maybe-not-so-healthy-given-as-how-he's-dead-an'-all-and-even-if-he-were-alive-he'd-be-a-hundred-and-four affection for the actor himself.

So, naturally, she has spent the last week cultivating said obsession interest with much much more enthusiasm than she has ever shown her poor, neglected coursework.

Damnation, Cary Grant! A curse upon you and your dimpled chin! Darn you and your captivating voice!
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What is it with cats and the magic combination of five 'o'clock  IN THE FRIGGIN' AM, and giving your loving owner who very rarely snarks in their direction a face-full of whiskers?

God love her, but the next time she does that, I'm turning her into a handbag.

Also, why? Why for the love of all that is Holy, WHY am I still on eljay looking up fic?
It's nearly three am!  have class in SEVEN HOURS.
I have to be up in just under FIVE AND A HALF HOURS.

I think I must have offended myself/someone important.


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