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Once again, my punctuality issues get the better of me without me! 'Sweetheart: She Was Always Late' will be graven on my heart.

Supernatural is brilliant, but a word to the wise? Being in the dark and under your covers will only ramp up the batshit freakiness 'til you jump like a little girl.

There is no way in hell I'm getting to sleep tonight.
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...Bloody Ewan McGregor.

Making me like Star Wars *grumble*. As if I didn't have enough geekery as it is, ohhhhh nooooooo, he had to go and make me investigate more!

Obi-Wan/ Padme, anyone?

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Never use No. 7 eyeliner as body paint.

I will be blue in places for weeks.
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Granger Enchanted has stolen my BRAIN. It's currently ten past four in the morning, I have to be up in four hours and I'm still reading fanfiction.

Masochistic much, self?

Also? Sharing room with The Sister means putting my laptop under the covers.

I'm pretty sure I'm actually melting for real, in a sort of 'Nooooooo, I'm melllll-ting!' way.
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Oh, I've written them, but this girl!Don  Numb3rs thing is quite possibly going to be the cause of my early demise. I have 16 DrabbleMonsters that are frankly one-shots to a story I haven't finished writing.
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Is there anything more embarassing in this life, barring mothers who adjust their teenage daughters busts in PUBLIC (yes, I mean you, Ma), than your elderly grandmother talking about AND OFFERING YOU HER BRA'S.

I love my grandma to pieces, I really do, but somedays I would quite happily, nay cheerily! abandon her on a very remote island all by her lonesome.

More to the point, why does she think I'll want them?


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