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Ink Stains and Empty Teacups

The occasional blog of Girl addicted to tea, books and really old films

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When Sweetheart is not happily ensconced up to her eyebrows in all manner of odd fanfiction, she can usually be found procrastinating about her coursework or looking up really obscure (and really old!) tv shows online and indulging her love of nostalgia. Or she can be found browsing eljay into the wee hours, normally when she really should be asleep.

Sweetheart also sheepishly admits to being a reluctant author, her main reluctance being actually finishing things. Important things. Like stories. She freely admits that she is terrible at it, but then so do her occasional readers.

Sweetheart has a chronic and debilitating condition known as laziness.
No, just kidding, don't get your knickers in a twist!
Sweetheart really does have a chronic and debilitating condition, which is why it is okay for her to make jokes about it, because here at Casa Sweetheart, she is ignoring it,as she's become really bored with it. She's hoping that if (like with school bullies) you ignore it for long enough, it'll get bored with you and go and pester some other poor fool.

Sweetheart dabbles in a little bit of every fandom, and she plays in many sandboxes, which either shows a broad range of interests or means she is easily distracted. She has the sinking feeling that it's the latter.

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a charmingly ecclectic mix of music, and possibly a spare room, cary grant, enough books to require a new bookcase, numb3rs, old tv shows, sweetheart has a fascination with old fi
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